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Plasmacytose –

remarkable results by using EnergyWater (EW)

April 10thTest of 120 breedings, 65 of them tested positive

April 16thStarted giving EW

May 24th432 gold bitches are tested, 50 of them fall and are then placed separately

July 9th2 of the 50 fallen bitches have died. 48 tests, 4 re-examinations.

Of the 44 fallen bitches only 19 fall and 25 are tested healthy (56,8%) Never seen before!

August 23rd48 fallen bitches are tested again. Only 5 are clean (negative)

This was a very disappointing result and against all expectations.

From our surveys/examinations it looks as if it is increased acid (low Ph) in the feed that has reduced the effect of the EW. It has now been changed, so that it does not repeat itself.

We are now convinced that we have a product, which can solve the problem of plasmacytose.

It is extremely important that EW is given every single day and that EW is mixed in the machine for at least 5 minutes. As EW is mixed into the feed, mink that only eat little or nothing will not get the amount of EW required, and will of course not get healthy.

Dose:March 1st- birth:11 ml/100 bitches/day

Kids 28 days:                4  ml/100 kids/day

Kids 60 days:                8 ml/100 kids/day

July 1st-March 1st:       8 ml/100 animal/day

The price for a pallet of EnergyWater, 60 cans of 10 L is DKR 120.000 + delivery

One pallet is enough for one year for about 5.000 females depending on the number of kids.

Of course you can buy less than one pallet.

                                              TEST 2019

HOLLAND/POLEN start 15. dec. 2018, total 14.000 female.

Plasmacytose 95-100% all animal at start.

After 10 weeks is the big mortality being normal.

The farmers feels that the minks are gradually getting stronger and more alert.

14. june 2019: sterile female are ELISA-testet, 60% are NEGATIVE, free.

Later follow test at female with kids.

I apologize for the long waiting for this results.

Spot test of old female: Free of plasmacytose. Elisa 1,20 3. oktober 2019.

Silverblue 97,2%

White 91,7%

Brown 75%

Mahogany(black) 75%

More samples will follow the next 2 month.


To meet the difficult economy of mink production, we offer to sell ENERGY WATER at mink -20% in the period up to December 13, 2019.

This means that a pallet (60*10 L can) is reduced by dkr. 24,000 to dkr. 96,000.

Start by giving EW as soon as the breeding animals are found, preferably by December.

                                NEWS 29.december

It has taken much longer than expected to get all the tests here, showing here the results of 15.171 samples taken by future breeding animals, by color.
It should be noted that due to communication problems, there have been 2 periods where the animals have not received EW (10 days in July and 7 days in October), this MUST NOT happen. EW must be administered preventively every day, so that when new viruses appear in the bloodstream, they are destroyed before they start a violent production of virus in the animal. After all, there is still a great infection pressure in the farm.
Against the background of the delayed tests, we extend our offer to EW, to be valid until 24 January 2020.

  ELISA test          < 0,4            < 0,8           Free plasmacytose < 1,20

White                    56%             72%                                         79%

Silver Blue            78%             89%                                         97%

Silver                    55%             70%                                         79%

Brown                   50%             65%                                         74%

Mahogany            55%             69%                                         79%